Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    World is world and Country you are here

    So much so much im sure chore thing

    in you and you are and we knew

    sorry o sorry so much well we call it blue

    so much in you little so sleep

    so bedtime to you can bring so much sink

    i clean and clean and so much in you

    im sorry o sorry we are older tooo

    in you in you many like you

    so smart so smart let’s leave it to who

    so what else o what else can this world need

    so much in you special is who would knew

    im sure it’s something that you younger can bring

    go to sleep im sure it helps well it did

    so much in you and all younger’s too

    so much so much in fall asleep too

    it’s a word or two that sticks to you

    while asleep or sleeping so what older too

    so special so special so what to bring

    we are older so we have to wait but bring

    so much so much so many so many

    so much so much we all can’t wait too

    older youngers so much in them too

    thank you thank you so much in my broom

    i clean and clean so much for you

    so go to sleep so i can sleep and work too

    So much so much im sure we have

    sorry o sorry we are older and a thing

    we talk and talk and so much too

    if i did so much a nun or a priest too

    make money and there is donations too

    go to sleep i will repeat if i have too

    special o special that you are who

    choices o choices you are that well big clue

    special o special and you fill the o

    i guess you love circle as it whoa

    so much so much in well it is

    im happy o happy if you can if not well pretend

    Sleep o sleep and happy are you

    i am older so more know o know

    tomorrow is tomorrow and i do know

    so much in well us all and special it does bring

    here or there some of us have

    sleep o sleep and protect some are sad

    so it had and we are older and crazy

    so much to do when your older well something like glue

    keep us good and together in us

    go to sleep tomorrow also in us