Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Sit home, and for every drink you can think of write down a mark with a crayon.

    2. Fill out a form to find out if you can do drinking more than filling out the form to come to a conclusion.

    3. Go to park, and count the number of times you want to drink while bird watching.

    4. Go to deli and save your money, but purchase something you never did before.

    5. Take one, or two drinks off your menu, and take a straw home with you to remind you of what you have spent your time doing then use straw with water.

    6. Walk past the bar while thinking there are places you might want to look at in town while wearing your most ugly shirt.

    7. For every woman/man take one drink off your menu to decide how much to spend on a pink shirt.

    8. Go to bar to discuss if one drink could influence while it does already.

    9. Spend $1 on something that brings a zing to your day to know alcohol is a zinger.

    10. Enjoy outside cause it is inside that brings a day apart when people and things are cold. Even mom can be cold.