Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    This is my heart can medicine can included but do you own:


    erin staff told me i could

    staff erin staff

    imĀ  infected

    im no


    yes you

    dear i am working yes working and work with me

    if its not you

    i work n

    now check out this poems

    Spanish and mobs across the world getting in the legal life this is all i do and i want erin in

    erin in… now poem i go

    my heart to hearts

    my fear to fear

    my staff to yours

    yours is not my

    your face

    your face to hearts to hearts

    i am anything in this world


    no legal

    its poem gone wrong but at least its a run on and small poem somewhere

    ps and can medicine can show

    hey first trillionaire

    well at least i can be a billionaire cause of you

    hearts to hearts

    fill to fill

    mob to legal life

    its the best

    mob help me

    hearts to hearts

    its not my style

    its not my file

    its not my code

    it is my show

    i flow and i am cutdy

    its recorded somehow

    i sing excellent chin up like trump

    i don’t slump

    ny mob to legal

    teachers can teach

    kids more than erin

    ps for adults

    ps please say

    make me trillions

    make me billions

    hearts to hearts

    jesus has heaven

    i have cleven

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