Can Medicine Can

Can Medicine Can is a jumble of words put together by expressing words that comes from the top of someone’s head

hope, fear, can, future, better, best, worst,

We believe with a jumble of words this will help medicine. Individual medicine is an option for the future, but we are all alike in some ways. Medicine is getting better and Can Medicine Can should help as well.

The jumble of words is expression on a question answer basis while there can be more meaning inside the body considering how we can express with words.

Can, future, worst, best, better, fear, hope. In another light… same words different meaning…

Can, hope, fear, worst, future, best, better. In another light to show a different meaning than original.

better, future, best, fear, worst, can, hope. Same words…

can, future, better, hope, worst, best, fear. Same words however there are more insight using the words different.

Can Medicine Can represents research that can be done in a simple way to show more using a word jumble to hopefully find more inside the body.


Can Medicine Can