25 Million Dollar Sale

View Proposal LLC is for sale at 25 Million Dollars and it is at a big discount. Please Contact me at 845-290-7674 Michael@viewproposal.com or michaelcunningham10980@gmail.com Thanks Michael Cunningham Goal Minded

i won

im going to wait and see who contacts me for a better life. I will take at least  a million but I think there could be an introduction in person for a whole lot.     love  mike the single man cunningham

Im done

no money, no hunny, no can medicine can for me heck take it and run with it. im done. no more view. no more using me. hey at least I will be free. and no I am not mentally ill. just swap (I wrote swamp) ((im back I think she…

In Time

President Trump will help but in time...He is doing A LOT of excellent work even though some might say too much...REACH FOR THE STARS into 3k and so will i