Monthly archives: June, 2018

I’m Back……….

no more for sale. im moving to manhattan to do business. I can’t bring in any money where I live. to tied up in upstate

25 Million Dollar Sale

View Proposal LLC is for sale at 25 Million Dollars and it is at a big discount. Please Contact me at 845-290-7674 or Thanks Michael Cunningham Goal Minded

Poem Grow to Turn

er is er more is her I would marry she has a carry er is er in is in more is more to the core heaven would be world all we learn all we turn in is in and more to come all on some I don’t cheat and nor would my wife indeed for …

Poem love is love

love is blind love is shy love is more to one of a kind three is a charm to love is kind two of a kind can leave you blind and shy love is love love could be more when you open your hearts and not say so much more love is love two hearts …

Erin Burnett this poem is for you

I was nothing I had it bad to no end and on top of it I was nothing I was nothing I had it bad and to no end I was nothing I was nothing then you came and made me do a run on can medicine can at least some people try I was …

i won

im going to wait and see who contacts me for a better life. I will take at least  a million but I think there could be an introduction in person for a whole lot.     love  mike the single man cunningham

I am selling for 10 million dollars

please contact me at for a $10 million dollar sale of this company and credit is good   Many Thanks,   Michael Cunningham Team 6or7 845-290-7674 P.S. Erin cause of you I can have anything and I want this sale. Look Out!

Im done

no money, no hunny, no can medicine can for me heck take it and run with it. im done. no more view. no more using me. hey at least I will be free. and no I am not mentally ill. just swap (I wrote swamp) ((im back I think she does want me))     …

A EEERRRR Must Read p.s. let it go

This is my heart can medicine can included but do you own:   erin staff told me i could staff erin staff im  infected im no you yes you dear i am working yes working and work with me if its not you i work n now check out this poems Spanish and mobs across …

Erin and I will do our wittest and carry on carry on

President we will now start to tell a love story like no other in human history and i am waking up after sleep everyday will erin on my mind and she does take notice. i want more so do both countries so media lighten up like i can lighten erin up and run on run …

It goes great i heard from both of them

At least that’s what both leaders want and they know what they are talking for to eachother. The only problem is an interrupt in our press and others. so i will keep the video’s coming and you press keep it going. love mike “the man” cunningham

In Time

President Trump will help but in time…He is doing A LOT of excellent work even though some might say too much…REACH FOR THE STARS into 3k and so will i